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exroad serves as a gateway

between global carbon credit suppliers and Japanese market

Empower Climate Action

by Carbon Credit


Latest information

「モビリティの潮流を読む! 2023~”人とモノの移動”に新たな価値を乗せていく~」におけるカーボンオフセットの取り組みをサポート


「モビリティの潮流を読む! 2023~”人とモノの移動”に新たな価値を乗せていく~」におけるカーボンオフセットの取り組みをサポート

「JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023」 東京モーターショーは、2023年から環境に配慮したサステナブルイベントへ


「JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023」 東京モーターショーは、2023年から環境に配慮したサステナブルイベントへ

「第50回 ダンロップフェニックストーナメント」におけるカーボンオフセットの取り組みをサポート


「第50回 ダンロップフェニックストーナメント」におけるカーボンオフセットの取り組みをサポート

Procurement as a Service


For buyers

Optimal carbon credits

at the best price

We provide marketing support using carbon credits. We handle all aspects of sustainability for events, sports, music festivals, etc., from calculating GHG emissions to carbon offsets. Also, please feel free to contact us about carbon offsets for offices, products, products, services, etc.

Social implementation of carbon offset


​Frequently asked questions

The carbon credit market is in the period of rule formation, making it difficult to catch up on information including international trends. At exroad, our professional consultants will listen to your objectives and support you in procuring the most suitable credit.(Example: compliance with domestic regulations such as global warming countermeasures law, compliance with international initiatives such as CDP, GX-ETS, GX League “GX Dashboard”, other IR, PR)


There are many procurement channels such as marketplaces, exchanges, and bilateral transactions with suppliers, and it is difficult to know from whom to purchase what kind of credit.


After quality checks based on exroad's own standards, we are able to propose high-quality credits from our wide domestic and international procurement network.

I can't choose a carbon credit because I'm worried about the quality.

Carbon credits have high price volatility, so one of the cheapest ways to purchase carbon credits is to procure them from the most suitable suppliers at current prices. exroad is able to quickly make proposals using a uniquely developed system (*).Please feel free to contact us regarding spot transactions or long-term contracts.

*Planned to launch beta version for customers in winter 2023. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to use the service.


I want to buy it as cheaply as possible, but I don't know the best price.

For Suppliers to consider expanding business in Japan.
Please register to receive quotes and orders from Japanese customers. (for free)

Intermediation of orders from Japanese companies

For Suppliers

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Membership & Partnership



Thank you for your inquiry


​Company name

ExRoad Co., Ltd.


Roppongihiruzumoritawa, Roppongi, Minato-ku
Tokyo, 106-6115, Japan


​Keisuke Kimura

Establishment date

March 2022

Business details

​Decarbonization consulting/marketing support

​Carbon credit trading


Mitsubishi UFJ Bank


Company Profile

*Transition Strategyhere

​Representative Director and CEO

Keisuke Kimura

Engaged in business development of carbon credits, EV, and leasing at Mitsubishi Corporation. 
From 2018 to 2020, he was seconded to a subsidiary in the UK as a director of corporate planning/business development.
Harvard Business School PLDA
Waseda University MBA
Carbon accounting advisor

​Representative Director COO/CMO

Keigo Kitahara

​ Engaged in marketing for automobile manufacturers at Hakuhodo. After that, he became involved in TV media and content business and digital marketing, and became the manager of the EC media promotion department in 2022.

2018-2019 Labor Union Chairman.

Graduated from Waseda University Graduate School of Business Administration (MBA/Master of Business Administration)
carbon accounting advisor


Yosuke Hatanaka

Software engineer and service designer. Engaged in web/mobile application development and operation at DeNA. After working as Anyca lead engineer, moved to England. Earned a Master's degree in Service Design from the Royal College of Art.



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